Solve tied loans

Resolving a bond is quite possible, but you will probably have to pay something called interest rate compensation to compensate the lender. The fact that you have to pay this has to do with the lender himself borrowing money to be able to lend the same amount to you. They then borrow this money at

Payday Loan

So, you took a payday loan for an adult child who needed a car, a credit card or a student loan, and you have thoughts that it turned out to be not such a good idea. According to statistics, a payday loan, in most cases, is partially or fully paid by the guarantor. Today, about

Objectives of Payday Loan

The purposes for which a payday loan can be taken a great many. These may include medical expenses, the purchase of household appliances, payment for a ticket, urgent emergency expenses, payment of a loan and much more. In many microfinance companies it is not necessary to indicate the purpose of the loan. This is due

Loan From a Private Person

A loan from a private person, when compared with a payday loan, differs, above all, by a small amount, speed of receiving money and, as a rule, a large interest rate. During registration, a minimum number of documents will be required from the borrower and a receipt will be added to the signing of the

Daily Interest on Microloans

As many already know, the JHG Bank has firmly taken up the issue of microloans. As a result of close supervision, many microfinance companies left the market due to the inability to play by the new rules. Now, a new challenge has arisen for the remaining organizations: the regulator wants to introduce a maximum level