A loan from a private person, when compared with a payday loan, differs, above all, by a small amount, speed of receiving money and, as a rule, a large interest rate. During registration, a minimum number of documents will be required from the borrower and a receipt will be added to the signing of the contract, which will need to be certified by a notary. Let’s try to consider this service in more detail.


Private loan without prepayment

Private loan without prepayment

You need to understand that such a loan may have its disadvantages. First, get ready for a considerable percentage, here you can understand the lender – after all, he assumes certain risks. Secondly, the amount that the borrower can take will be less than what the bank can provide. As a rule, the loan amount from a private person varies from 1,000 to 50,000 rubles.

In most cases, the lender will take a receipt from the borrower, which will necessarily be certified by a notary. In addition to the receipt, you will need to sign a loan agreement, in which, at a minimum, the basic terms of the loan will be indicated. This is the loan amount, the terms of the grant, the percentage, the terms of each payment (a very important item) and, of course, the description of fines, in case of non-performance of any points of the contract.


How to get a loan from a private person?

How to get a loan from a private person?

A similar type of loan today can be obtained in any city as the demand for such a service has recently increased and, accordingly, more and more private lenders appear. From the documents may require those that are always in your pocket:

  • Passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation, preferably with a registration of more than 2 years.
  • An additional document that confirms the identity – a driver’s license, student, passport or military ID. TIN or pension certificate may be appropriate.

So, as private lenders individually approach each client, people of different ages, from students to pensioners, can count on a loan from a private individual. Thus, the investor’s client base expands, and the population has an increased chance of getting money immediately without undue documentary delays.

The receipt must indicate in words and numbers the amount of the loan. Mark the date of transfer of money – from this moment will report the time for which you need to pay off the debt. There must be a mandatory line in the receipt, which says that the money has been transferred and received in full. At the end must be signed by both parties. If the document is executed correctly – it will be possible to refer to it in court.

We must not forget about the presence of fraud in this type of lending. Carefully read all the papers that offer you to sign. It is best to refuse the services of the lender, who requests to make an advance payment, for example, in order to pay for the services of a notary. The surest way to take a loan from a private individual is to contact a microfinance organization. The conditions, for example, of our company are no worse than the conditions of “private traders”, but the organization’s activities are legally fixed and regulated by government agencies.

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