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We become what we think about all day. Think about it for a moment.

We become what we think about all day. What does this really mean?

We literally ARE the thoughts we think about.

Would you believe me if I told you that I have changed my entire life from six-figure poverty in about a year, both by tapping into the universal healing energy and by changing the predominant destructive thoughts that I recklessly let it seep into my mind? It’s true.

You too have the power within you to enrich your life as you see fit! How to do this is no secret. It has been written and practiced for eons and when you tap into this information your life will never be the same again.

It starts with your thoughts.

Everything we achieve and everything we fail to achieve is the direct result of our thoughts, of our way of thinking. Success does not depend on our level of education, the color of our skin, where we live, where we are now, or even what language we speak. It depends on how we direct the thoughts in our mind.

What we choose to think about, focus on, dwell on in our mind… we bring it to ourselves. If you are a worry wart, you will probably bring all the worries to yourself that you wish it didn’t happen! If you are constantly worried about not having enough money, you will attract less and less money. If you are worried that your husband is cheating on you, chances are he will grant your wish. If you’re worried about your friends chatting behind your back, chances are they will, etc. Our most predominant thoughts that we experience in our lives because our thoughts are our beliefs. What you believe, you create. This is how we create our lives. It is the law of attraction. It’s not my law… it’s universal.

What you think today WILL BE your tomorrow! there is no doubt.

Everything in your life is brought to you by the most predominant thoughts you have. It is important to take responsibility for your thoughts because this is how you will begin to change your life.

Let me give you a simple example of someone who has a goal of wanting more money at the end of the week than bills to pay.

She uses a great affirmation in the present tense to start the flow of positive thoughts: “I’m glad I still have $ 150 to deposit into my bank account every week after all my bills have been paid!” I am so excited that I am making money!

She also visualizes herself (because the images are also thoughts) herself depositing this money in her bank account, she smells the payslip, she sees herself signing the remittance slip, she sees the amount in her account bank grow like a garden, she thanks the cashier, she smiles from ear to ear as she jumps to whistle out of the bank completely happy!

Then as the day wears on the sabotage begins… she completely forgets her assertion and visualization and starts to think, “Damn, I have to pay my electric bill today… I don’t. not the money! “Why can I never make ends meet!” “” I will never get out of my debts! “” I hate having more bills than money! “Life is so unfair!” And so on.

Do you know what she just did?

Her negative thought process just canceled out the positive work she did in the morning. The Universe responded thus: “Stop! She asks for less money, she doesn’t want to make ends meet, she never wants to go into debt and wow she hates money! Universal Law states that we can only give her what she asks for, so take away the blessing of abundance that she no longer wants! Continue to satisfy his demands for withdrawal.

Wow, eh? Just like that, she received a seal of approval to continue to experience the LACK in her life.

A word of advice: Your thoughts… are a continual non-stop prayer. So if your thoughts are prayers, then why are you praying for every second of your day?

You mainly need to think about positive thoughts for these thoughts to manifest in your future! I know it can be difficult, but I also know you can do it!

A simple solution that I used when I had less money than bills to pay was as follows:

True story:

I had to choose which lucky business was going to get paid this month and throw the rest away! As I threw them in the trash, even though they weren’t paid, I kept telling myself… “Paid in full – thank you Universe!”

After selecting the invoice I was going to pay, I happily stated in my mind “As my money goes out, it comes in immediately!” My bank account is full of money! I would foot the bill and keep repeating the affirmation until I felt a smile grow in my heart. When I felt this joy inside, I knew I had planted the seed and erased all doubt. So the rest of the day I wouldn’t focus on what I didn’t have… (which is very hard when your stomach is growling!)… I would only be grateful and very grateful for what I got.

After a while… the miracles began.

I needed food for my four children and myself more than the local food bank would allow. Shortly after starting this process (staying focused, positive minded and grateful for what I had), a man I only knew by name came to my door unexpectedly and offered me this which he called a “Care Package”. Her present was a few bags full of groceries. A human angel indeed… the one my thoughts attracted me.

After he left, I realized the power of my thoughts in co-creation with the power of the Universe. I cried tears of joy and gratitude not only for the gift I received, but for this light bulb moment… and with this realization, abundance began to flow like an endless river.

A neighbor came by and offered me firewood for a few weeks during the freezing northern winter. He also offered me furnace fuel to keep the water lines from freezing. Another human angel magnetized by the creative force of my own thoughts.

Soon after, I had to move out of my home and help arrived that I didn’t even know I had! People I didn’t even know came to help me. Thank you Universe and the almighty power within!

Another man I only knew by name came to our new home and offered me $ 400 to buy Christmas gifts for each of my children, he also filled my tank with oil to heat our house in the winter and bought us enough food to last a week. Do I have to repeat it? Positive thoughts in action disguised as a human angel!

We received a Christmas basket filled with Christmas dinner and a toy for each of my children from an unknown person who added my name to their church prayer list. Temporarily, a beautiful soul appeared in my life, she offered us all clothes. I received a $ 250 gift certificate to use at our local grocery store which I received in an envelope left in my mailbox. And the list of miracles continued …

Make sure that you don’t cancel out what you really want to see come into your life. Watch your thoughts for you can become what you want to be and you can have what you want to have!

The Universe ALWAYS gives you what you ask for and what you ask for is in your continuous and non-stop prayer.

I wish you billions of blessings today and always!

Lisa Whatley

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